FalconCam Project website finally cleared with Google

After 3 weeks of constant monitoring, scanning, testing by external resources etc, and coming up clean each time we see Google has finally cleared us from their blacklist, so if anyone can get access to the site we can now be assured all world scanning services see us as back in the game again!

Timing was immaculate as Snow has been very quiet around campus over the past 2 or so weeks, with only the briefest of glimpses before flying off with Beau and Swift once more. Sightings are rare now but we are still receiving regular visits to the ledge, which may be watched via the live camera pages.

A brief video clip of Snow arriving on the ledge to surprise Beau can be viewed here…

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  1. I am so happy to hear that Snow is thriving. What a great success story! And I loved the clip of Snow surprising Beau. What a character 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. So nice to finally have acccess once again to your website, Scott & Cilla. And nice to hear that “Snow” seems to be doing well.

  3. Not so. Chrome is still blocking your site, claiming “malware.” Neither nest cam nor ledge cam works.

  4. I did get the warning when I went to this page just now. But after clicking a few times on the option “Continue at your own risk” (or something like that, I get the Dutch message of course) Chrome finally applied and opened this page 😉 Probably has something to do with the cache of the browser.
    Must be quite a relief to have it all back to normal.

    And good to read that Snow is doing so well.

    Happy New Year to you Scott and the Falcon cam team !

  5. I still get the malware warning, even on my new laptop , with which I never visited this site before.
    After clicking three times on the “continue at your own risk” link (or something like that, I get the Dutch message of course) I get through and all seems okay.
    My anti-virus program gives no warning at all. It’s very puzzling . . .

  6. I am also still getting the malware warning when using Firefox and Chrome. No issues with Internet Explorer..and no warning from my anti-virus either…

    Neither Firefox nor Chrome will allow me to override the warning unless I jump through numerous hoops…and I haven’t tried that yet..

    Just an FYI

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