The ideal training ground for Snow

With Snow growing stronger, and the weather ideal for some intensive flight training, all three peregrines have been mixing it at altitude. Two days ago we heard a real argument going on around in the trees, so went to investigate. Fighter pilot Beau was swooping at high speed down past the shrubs around the trees in a very excited state, so I quietly snuck in to the trees to find out, and was surprised by a movement out from underneath a photinia bush, just as Beau came swooping past across the open grass area. The “movement” turned out to be a hawk (species unidentified by spotting staff) which had accidently strayed in to the trees and was then cornered by all three peregrines. After about 40 minutes the hawk managed to escape but not before some spectacular aerial manoevures from all three peregrines overhead, on the look-out for danger. We managed to get a couple of half-decent photos of the overhead activities, and in the time that this hawk was trapped it was quite noticeable that our presence in same trees seemed to provide minimal distraction from the peregrines who were a lot more interested in securing their territory from other birds of prey. The ideal training run for Snow!

Apologies for the ongoing malware threats. We’re clean – every scan proves that, but there seems to be quite the legacy in some malware scanning servers around the world, including good ol’ Google still! We’ll keep working on it until the scanners all go quiet.

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  1. Finally able to get back on this wonderful site after a few weeks of blocking and malware warnings. I have really missed Snow, Swift and Beau! Glad to hear Snow is growing and thriving.

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