Continuing incorrect warnings from certain search engines

Apologies to everybody for the current warnings floating around the Internet about our FalconCam Project website. We’re running various security checks and malware scans at least twice every day and have indeed been entirely clean since last Sunday when we located and disinfected a dozen files. One security package we employ indicates that, of a list of about a dozen authorities who scan and advise of malware sites, only a single site still blackists us incorrectly – thankyou Google for keeping up with the play, a week later!

We’ve also run specialised scanners across the computers we use to maintain the website and again no sign of any issues, so if you can actually get to the website rest assured we’re good to go again and now have measures in place monitoring any dodgy activity.

During this stressful period there has been no affect at all on the streaming camera pages themselves as they reside on a separate server structure.

Thank you all for hanging in there and 1000 apologies again for the hiccups over this past week.

One thought

  1. Sorry to hear of your malware problems, Scott & Cilla. No need to apologize. Unfortunately, these things happen. And of course, we around the world, are all hanging in there with you. We would not give up following Swift, Beau & Snow. Glad to hear that Snow is learning to fly and hunt, under the excellent tutelage of his parents!

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