Snow in Orange!

Indeed we have a 5th observed season young peregrine falcon with us now, having appeared between midnight and 3.30am this morning. Thanks to everyone who’s been covering for us over the wee small hours. We’re madly sifting through the footage from this morning and the poor surveillance server is steaming around the edges helping us retrieve everything we can find. This HD camera is a blessing, as well as Swift’s choice of scrape location in the eyrie which has allowed us full vision.

Apologies to those who are experiencing ongoing streaming problems. Not resolved yet, but we’re up against quite basic software apps and old machinery (being a voluntary project) but we’ll rectify everything as soon as possible. In the meantime¬† we’ve made available a clip from daylight hours earlier today which runs for about 6 minutes but offers vision of the whole family – we welcome “Snow” ….

Much more to come over the next few days …. for all you locals, we’re on Prime 7 News again tonight (Thanks Jarrad and Marcus once more; remember – duck & weave!) and for you radio listeners Angela at ABC Radio Central West interviewed us this morning too – you’re all fantastic!!

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