A face only a parent could love

With daylight has come better photo opportunities to say Hullo to Snow. Caught mid-afternoon was a close-up of the sleepy, furry bobblehead in between feeds (which also happened shortly afterwards).

A sleepy Snow

Both parents have been in close attendance, and a little time ago we watched Swift enjoying a well-earned meal in-situ while Beau took his turn keeping Snow warm and looking on enviously at Swift’s raw meal. Indeed Beau seems to have overcome that phase of wondering why this small egg has suddenly turned furry and moving! We’re all lucky that Beau and Swift are such good parents.

A reminder to those of you on campus to be careful when walking around below the tower as Swift has been known to take an occasional interest in passers-by (keep an eye out for small very fast-moving black dots in the sky!). She will be protective this way for quite a few weeks yet!

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