The newest peregrine falcon – ‘Snow’!

Monday mornings are not always bad news. After taking an extra day or two beyond the average incubation period it appears we can now welcome the youngest baby peregrine falcon to our world – Snow, so named after the initial egg was laid during one of this year’s snow storms in August.
Regular checks all this weekend showed that Swift has been quite unsettled & it seems she most probably heard & felt some internal movement from the chick as it struggled to cut the egg open.
It’s middle of the night in Orange so the full video footage and time confirmation will be checked in our Milestone recording system soon as possible later this morning.
If all’s well it’s a big congratulations to Beau & Swift, to our Project team and to all our supporters worldwide!

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Welcome to the new bobblehead, Snow

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  1. Awesome, we got the Baby….Snow is a beautiful name, just gotta love it and so adorable…. Congrats to Mom and Dad and everyone involved…. I do have a question, I cannot get any sound, is it me or is there no sound with the nest cam????

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