The Project’s 5th season has commenced!

Thanks to all our viewers who, over the weekend, spotted the first egg for this, our 5th observing season. It’s great news but alarming timing as the egg was laid at bang-on 8.40pm (AEST) Friday night 17th August, right in the middle of a fairly big snowstorm in Orange. It’s two weeks earlier than we were expecting but it’s great news all the same. And with a -4degC (+-24.8degF) overnight it’s not ideal conditions for Swift and Beau right now. A sunny week ahead, albeit freezing nights, will be a challenge.

Apologies still for the nest camera streaming capability. It seems to be providing the image but not streaming properly. I’ll be running more tests today and tonight. I’ll also put up the video clip of the egg-laying from Friday night (with a link) soon too. We may have to reduce the nest cam image size to try and improve streaming. Stay tuned!!

1st egg, 5th season, laid 17th Aug

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