5th season’s first video clips available

Finally loaded up a couple of this weekend’s video clips as we get set for another fascinating couple of months ahead with Swift, Beau and hopefully some new young eyases. The first clip shows poor Swift laying her first egg on Friday evening, and the second clip gives you a daylight colour view of the first egg from our great Hi-Def camera mounted in the eyrie. Swift has beaten us to obtaining the next HD camera so that will have to wait until we have access to the eyrie later this season.

We’re 2 weeks early, and this egg was laid in the evening. No doubt the extreme weather Orange has been experiencing recently has thrown most patterns out the window. Indeed last season’s three youngsters headed away very early in the season.

Apologies again for the uncertain camera streaming. We’re going to try some big coding changes in the next few days. Ironically the HD camera currently runs nicely on some Android browsers, but seems to halt on most mainstream browsers!

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  1. This is BEAUTIFUL Scottee! The location and facilities provided at the Concrete Hilton Nurseyrie proving to be a secure one for them, well done!

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