Possible snow for Orange

The bad weather front is passing over Orange as I write, promising snow and sleet for today and tonight; time will tell now as to how bad it will get but Swift has taken to her scrape and hopefully will remain there during the worst of it. In these stormy winds the concrete water tower is likely to gather momentum & sway a little – I’ve been up there before on wild windy days and watched a puddle on the floor swing back and forwards, which would explain the motion sickness on descending 2 hours later on!! It shouldn’t bother Swift though, who appears to be happy to stay close to home at the moment.

Swift just in for a break
Swift hiding from the snowstorm

5 thoughts

  1. Bonjour, and go for another season … I’m happy to see the first egg! Congratulations to this beautiful couple of falcons…

  2. Congratulations with the first egg!

    Just a question. I got a beautiful vieuw with the nest camera but I have no sound. Is that correct?

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