FalconCam camera glitches

Apologies to all viewers who have been trying to view the live cameras recently. We’re trying to iron out glitches to the stream coding after some big network changes at CSU which have meant a re-write of some of the important bits of code to stream outwards. Frustratingly we can see the streams inside CSU but that doesn’t translate to vision on the outside world just yet. Hang in there and thanks for your patience.

It’s been a relatively quiet week up the tower (in that regard), with Swift spending most of her days here now, and the odd visit from Beau. Yesterday we caught some fascinating bowing in the eyrie itself when Swift arrived with Beau already in residence. We’ll begin to upload more video clips as they appear. Any time now we’re hoping to witness some peregrines mating but if they’ve indeed been busy they’re elusive this season!

We also appear to have ironed out our long term recording archives. At one point it appeared we were only retaining about 3 days of video/audio footage but we’ve since found we’re indeed retaining around 50-60 days at a time, which is ideal for research and statistical analysis. We’ve also just received Cilla back from her marathon overseas trip and can now begin to¬† put together objectives for this season’s events and records. Welcome home, Cilla!! Lots of stories to tell, no doubt!

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  1. Problems seem to have been fixed. A short while ago I saw Beau bring a gift to Swift in the nestbox as part of their courtship.

    1. Hullo all, and thanks for your patience with the camera hiccups.
      All sorts of fun and I’m not entirely convinced they’re stable yet for streaming, but am working on it every spare second I get!! For now I hope the vision is clear and happening, as we’re getting plenty of “air-time” with Swift every day, and Beau is playing his part, bringing dead mangled offerings at his every opportunity now!
      More video clips going up on YouTube soon too …..
      Thanks again,

  2. Hope you had a good time Cilla, thanks to all for getting us started on the season already this is great.

  3. bonjour,already the new season, hope still for hours of fun,with Beau and Swift .Thank you for coming again this year have a good day

  4. August 11, 4.40 am Australian time:
    Swift is sleeping in the nestbox, could it be the start of the so-called egg lethargy?

    1. Hi all,
      It’s looking very promising for an early breeding season right now. Lots and lots of sightings of Swift, with a few of Beau as well bringing offerings back, lots of bowing in the eyrie, and hence very large amounts of footage to sift through for video clips. Plenty of late nights coming up for Cilla and myself, methinks!! But it’s all great news for a hopeful season ahead of us now. Thanks to all for your comments and interest and we’ll keep stoking the boiler under the cameras to make sure they keep streaming!!

  5. Hi there,
    Just new in joining in to the Falconcam web and think its a great project. I can see something round in the nest this morning, anyone know what it is?

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