FalconCam Project ISP server maintenance due

Just been informed by our wonderfully reliable and top notch hosting service provider that there will be maintenance on our server and the site will be down for roughly 3-4 hours, 6th August, 2012, between 1am and 6am (Aust EST).

Hope this doesn’t affect anyone for too long! Apologies to everyone, but we will have an even more stable website afterwards…… Swift & Beau thank everyone!! Cheers, NetRegistry (Australia)!!

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  1. I have had that same error message. I really hope it can get fixed soon, breeding season in Australia has already started; a pair of Peregrine Falcons that nest on a balcony in Caloundra {Quensland} has two eggs, #1 laid on August 2, #2 on August 5 (today).
    Updates on the Facebook page of Robyn Hills, professional photographer and living in that apartment. The nest-ledge is in front of her kitchen window 🙂

  2. I am getting the same error message too. I am watching from the US and I so want to follow Swift and Beau again this year.
    My peregrine family in Rochester had a very late hatch this season and our little tiercel Orion just fledged a couple of days ago so of course I am in falcon withdrawal and hope to see babies soon at this nest.
    Thanks for all you do.

    1. Hi all,

      Apologies for the live vision hiccups. It seems when you introduce external entities in to the process it opens up more large doors for uncertainty and problems! I’m speaking to the CSU IT section involved with this problem right now and will be testing changes as they happen over the next couple of days. Highly frustrating as it’s been working pretty well, right up until recently! Thanks for your comments though – good to be kept on our toes!!


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