Mid-winter happenings

Apologies to all our followers for a lack of news posts lately about our fine peregrine couple. They’ve indeed stayed with us through this mid-winter Orange freeze and appear to be in good spirits and healthy. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve noticed that both Swift and Beau are frequenting the “Concrete Hilton” every day, and quite often at close quarters. Breeding season is almost upon us and we’re watching and waiting for those tell-tale signs of in-flight wheeling and chatter. It’s always when you don’t have your camera with you that the best shots present themselves though! Last night both birds remained on top of the tower until the sun went down, looking resplendent in the everning-red dusk colours.

Best chance of seeing them at the moment would be via the camera pages. We’ve been having a few issues with the streaming but we’re on to it! When the cameras are working you’re more than likely to see either falcon on the ledge during daylight hours.

News of the next HD camera — we’ve now reached the financial target to purchase the second HD camera, but we’ll be racing to fit it in the eyrie in time as neither falcon is giving us any opportunity to spend even 10 minutes inside the box at the moment! Our fantastic technology partners at Lan1 and CCTV Hire have been chosen once more to supply the equipment, soon as the paperwork is done! And without forgetting all those followers of ours who have so kindly donated their hard-earned funds to enable us to improve our good looks – we thank you! You’re all a part of this fascinating and educational project, and we all benefit from new-found knowledge and the opportunity to observe these amazing raptors in the wild.

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