It’s “stay indoors” weather in Orange

With winter well & truly on us the days have been really great – if you’re inside! But Beau and Swift don’t have that luxury and endure the wintry blasts, along with the occasional sunny afternoons. We’re lucky they’re both hanging around campus, and for any campus visitors they can be pretty sure they’ll get a sighting up on the tower or around the corner on the old microwave dish, enjoying what warmth they can find. Comforting to know they’re both reporting in to the regular roll call. Peregrines have a requirement for a large personal space and as such these two always play the game that they don’t know each other, and never get close.

There was conjecture as to whether this breeding season could possibly begin early. This is based on the ideas that the young’ns from last season left us so early in the piece (an average and cold summer), and it’s been pretty cool and wet all the way through, so the possibility that the peregrines could be signalled earlier than they normally would may be a point of campus discussion. Of course the other possibility is that they gauge their seasons rather more on the length of the day instead, and so won’t change their cycles noticeably. Time will tell and the TAB will no doubt be taking bets soon!!

Two high and fast flyers

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