No sooner, than …

Just as things began to settle down again the second bird took off. Well, not so much as took off, more like got up, tripped and fell straight out the window! A quick check around underneath the tower confirmed a successful three-point landing on the lawn below the tower. Although only walking and not having made it in to a tree things are hopeful for number 2. Swift was quick to begin her aggressive wheeling and Beau joined in as well, to ensure their 2nd charge was protected. Return calling began and all should be good, although the fledgling was last seen trotting down the hill in the direction of the road. Being mobile and in open space we’d hope it would make for the trees before dusk.

A brief video clip of the base-jumping peregrine can be viewed here …

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  1. WOW!!! Great pics and I loved the oops, “I didn’t mean to fledge” video..

    hmmmmmmmmm, trotting down the hill? Ya may want to send out the search party in case #2 can’t lift off from the ground!!!

    1. Hi SGB!
      Number two may not be much good at base-jumping and instead hikes it on foot down the lawn, but not half an hour later we were up in between two buildings fishing her out from an impossible corner and ended up having to put her up in the same tree with number 1 where they both stayed until sun-down last night! How she got from down on the lawn 400 metres away, up in between the buildings, is anyone’s guess! Safe & sound now, we presume.

  2. Oh, thank goodness, No. 2 has been rescued, Scott! I was rather worried about him being left to trot along on the ground by himself. Didn’t think he’d be able to get the height he would need to fly up to building or a tree. So glad you were able to rescue him and that he’s okay.

  3. bonjour,I am happy to know the young and healthy and safe .. but parents will now take over for flying lessons, thank you for the videos and photos, you have a great privilege to hold such a beautiful bird in your hands … and it you have to bring him back to his parents

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