A lunchtime walk-around

Checking up on the expanding flock at lunchtime today has confirmed most members are accounted for. Cilla took a good pic this morning of one of the two recalcitrants from last evening, still there in the tree (but gone by lunchtime, it appears):

Possibly Byng

By lunchtime the combination had changed and we were lucky enough to see Beau, Swift and possibly Byng all up in the feeding tree together, with Ophir still in the eyrie and Narrambla on camouflage duty somewhere:

Spot the three falcons

Byng is already being harassed by a local tiny ‘willy wagtail’ up the tree and by now will be experiencing a headache from all the pecking going on earlier. Just yesterday Beau himself was forced to move on after being harassed!

(more photos in General Gallery #8 to the right as well)

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    1. Hi SGB,
      Ophir is indeed a highly frustrated female. She’s dying to get outside but that big jump out over 50 metres of fresh air is too scary. She’s been sprinting up and down the box to no avail, and both parents have been in to check on her. She’s bugged them and kicked them that much in their attempts to goad her outside that I’d be surprised if they venture back inside!! Time will tell

  1. Wonderful photos of Narrambla, Scott! Cilla looks to be “over the moon” with a chance to hold her/him! It is too bad that Cilla is not yet able to band the chicks. Will that ever be a possibilty? Not with this year’s juvies, of course, but perhaps next year? It would be wonderful to be able to track their where-abouts, if at all possible.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Ophir fledged this morning and did it in style compared to her brother the other day! No banding this year but we definitely need to re-visit the task for next year. We’ll get the ball rolling shortly, in good time before next season. One of our very long term future plans is to also invest in GPS beacons to enable tracking of the locals at a greater distance than the trees on campus. Available future funding will dictate how successful that plan will be. Thanks for watching!

    1. Hi skygirlblue,
      Thanks for that; it’s great news, and how dignified was that exit compared with Byng the other day!! Our ‘Milestone XProtect’ recording software picked it up successfully and I’ll load up the clip shortly. This software runs 24/7 (on cameras that actually work at night!) and is happy with the new (forthcoming) HD cameras as well so we should now be able to plan to swap the nest camera out for this brand spanking new one. Thanks for keeping us up with events; it’s been a tentative but a successful season.

  2. Bonsoir,they are all out, parents will have work to do! great pictures thank you for the follow! I spent quality time with this beautiful family and a question comes to mind … where is Solo?

    1. Hi Anne-Marie,
      it’s been an amazing week with this peregrine falcon family. We consider ourselves very privileged to have played a tiny part in their lives (even though they’d probably prefer we didn’t!). We haven’t seen Solo for months now and no doubt she has moved off to her own territory, hopefully with partner. Until we begin leg banding (and possibly the use of GPS beacons) it’s going to be difficult to keep a track of them all in to the future.

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