A little excitement, and a rescue

Just got a call from Linda down in the Dentistry building to say that a young peregrine had found its way down there, below the trees, near the building. Dental patient Stephen Brooks got more than he bargained for when visiting for treatment and noticed not only the lovely staff ladies but also a wayward peregrine falcon outside the window. A hurried gathering of rescue backpack, a towel, gloves etc and we walked our way down to find fellow staffers Mark and Bruce keeping a close eye on a stranded and scared 41-day old peregrine fledgling looking very lost. We carefully bundled it up and took the opportunity to run up some measurements, weight etc before carefully placing it back in the branch of a tree just underneath the tower. There’s now conjecture as to whether this is a male or female as measurements and weights state this is a male, which brings in to question whether the other two are also males? Nevertheless this one shall remain known as Narrambla, the first fledging of the season. The rescue went off without a hitch and a special gallery has been created over on the right hand side of some of the photos taken of Narrambla. We left the bird in the tree with Swift wheeling overhead hoping for a response, and the other two young looking down from their lofty perch. Thanks to Stephen and others for their fantastic vigilance – one happy peregrine fledgling has been saved, without too much intervention or fuss.

Cilla, Narrambla (c/- H Manning)

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  1. So relieved Narrambla has been found safe and sound. I am thoroughly enjoying watching the eyases grow but finding the whole first flilght dramas incredibly stressful; I can’t imagine what it must be like for you!

  2. Yes! I am so glad to hear that Narrambla has been rescued and that she/he is not injured. What a relief for all of you!

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