Peregrine chicks, all three

More video clips here of the 37/35 day old eyases (almost allowed to be called ‘falcons’ and ‘tiercel’). Narrambla, Ophir and Byng  are restless and are either snoozing against each other or causing havoc with high-speed runway testing and climbing the bleachers at the end of the box. The odd head-plant in to the wall doesn’t help but no harm done, it seems. They are the most efficient leaf/feather blowers we’ve seen too; not long ago the eyrie was padded with a layer of feathers but at the moment the gravel is shining through again. With only 4-6 days left (due out at 40-42 days) the catcher’s mitt is all shined up and it will be a tense weekend on the cameras making sure our charges are safe and not taking any risks. We’re not sure the staff in the office wing below the tower and near the trees will appreciate the peregrine din in the surrounding trees for the next 3-4 months though – apologies to them!

Video clips can be viewed 1) here and 2) here

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  1. Bonjour, It is with sadness that I note that the three young people are ready to leave the nest! but it is with joy that I see that they are healthy .. and have grown up without problems the nest will be empty soon and we will wait a few months for a new breeding season in falcons.
    we will follow their progress on the outside thanks to you, you can be proud of your good work.and it was great to follow this beautiful family live this year
    Congratulations to your team!!!!!

    1. Bonjour Anne-Marie,
      Merci pour vos aimables commentaires! It is a happy and sad time, but it’s also an exciting new stage of their lives. All are indeed healthy, and all are making sure they get a good feed, when food does arrive from the outside world. Some amusing videos are available at the moment!
      We enjoy bringing this information, pictures, video clips and other news to everybody as much as we hope that everybody enjoys keeping up with the progress of the birds and the Project itself. We have some exciting upgrades to do over this next year too so keep watching,

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