A little peregrine chick love

In a late breaking video clip we get up close and personal with one of the female eyases. Obviously bored out of her mind she and her sister take to annoying the camera, while Byng sits patiently over by the ledge not having any part in their larrikinism. Very funny and a little close for comfort! Video clip can be viewed here

6 thoughts

  1. Thank you so much for the videos – lovely to watch – shall miss them when they eventually depart for pastures new. To all concerned thgis is a great site!!

  2. Yes, it certainly does look as if one of the chicks has fledged! Two still in the nestbox, peering out the window.

  3. Very strange, I just saw what appeared to be the head of a peregrine falcon pop up a few times in front of the camera, at the back of the nestbox. So maybe all three chicks are still in the nestbox?

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