It’s a personal space thing

With only a couple of days left before fledging is attempted by all three eyases we’re preparing the catcher’s mitt in case of accidents. All three are now growing in confidence to hang their heads over the ledge and indeed one this morning was sitting on the ledge, facing inwards. Frustration through lack of real movement is growing, but this larger eyrie is proving itself more valuable than gold as it’s giving them some space to run, jump, fly and generally annoy each other with the occasional wing in the eye, as well as their own dark corners when they want privacy.

A personal space thing

As you can see from the above sometimes close company becomes a little overbearing and they all need their own space for a short while. At the same time they’re still all quite happy to sidle up to each other when snoozing. We’re not sure if someone has said something the others didn’t agree with here but they’ll remain good friends!

Incidentally the presentation that Cilla and I gave at the Nguluway indigenous staff conference here at Orange campus yesterday afternoon went down very well, with good interest shown and some worthy questions. We thought we may have to burst a few balloons to keep everyone awake but they weren’t needed! We all then went outside for a look up at the tower ledge window from the  grass beneath and were treated to a nervous calling display from Swift up on her feeding branch in the trees.  Great bunch of people and thanks once more to Catherine for inviting us along to spread the birdie wordie! it’s been suggested that we may upload the pdf slide presentation to the website once it’s polished up. Stay tuned.

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  1. Hallo – I am watching from the Scotland and enjoying your beautiful birds. I can only watch whilst at work so regretfully I am viewing usually in murky light. Enjoying the blog too. I have problems with the ledge camera – it has never worked for me so far.
    The photos are great.
    I hope you can keep this going and good luck with the fledging – hope the catcher’s mitt is not needed.

    1. Hi Pat, and thanks for your support!
      It’s fantastic to know that, what we’re able to see close-up, can also be read about and watched all over the world. Apologies though for the problems in using the ledge camera stream. it’s seems to be temperamental at the best of times; ironic considering it’s a brand name camera that’s connecting easily to our recording/surveillance software suite, yet the current nest camera is only a generic (day/night) model but it’s giving us better results! Apologies for the problems you’re having with this camera though; frustrating. We’ve found that if we leave the page up for long enough it eventually seems to connect but for some reason it’s really “night-shy” and often just won’t play at all when light is very low. It’s not an infra-red night camera.
      As previously mentioned our first new HD camera is with us now, is basically at the end of successful testing, and when Narrambla, Ophir and Byng fledge shortly we’ll make the changeover.
      Thanks again and keep in touch from wonderful Scotland!!

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