First female eyas fledges

Apologies for the delay in posting news Рindeed, not minutes after I checked the cameras yesterday, the first female  fledged (video available here Р10mins). There was little or no fanfare, both females stretched wings then settled back on to the ledge and then some secret mysterious evolutionary desire told 40-day old Narrambla to go. She flexed her wings, stumbled down the ledge and then at the point of no return opened up and glided down out of sight like an aircraft off an ocean-going carrier. Fortunately she reappeared in the background flying down over the trees before being lost to sight.

I’ve been out this morning searching for her but so far to no avail. The other little faces are staring down, watching activities, but haven’t been keen to go yet. A passive Swift is up in one of the remaining pine trees being unusually quiet but no sign of Narrambla. Let’s hope she’s not done what Solo did to us last year and bolted for a few days!

Apologies to those who are having continual problems in receiving the ledge camera stream. We’ve tested both feeds in a number of web browsers and seem to get the ledge feed (specifically) going most of the time. Internally we’ve had issues with the feed but by the time it reaches the web page it seems to have evened itself out. The initial suggestion would be to try in a different web browser (IE seems to be down the list of successful ones!). Rest assured as soon as we can upgrade the streaming capability this problem will be a thing of the past!!

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  1. Bonjour, thank you! thank you! thank you! is great to see those few seconds of flight, and the other two will fly too soon …. I hope this young adventurous, is safe and not in an awkward position!
    bonne journée!!!

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