Pre-flight preparations

Every day we look in to the world of these peregrines and they’re growing up ever so fast now. With only about a week left before fledging they’re building up wing strength and take-off speed, running up and down the roost gaining height with every pass. Fortunately they all seem to be aware that changing the direction of the intended flight path to include the ledge isn’t such a clever thing and generally they stay away from that north-south runway at the moment.

This week, Wednesday afternoon, we’re giving a presentation here at Orange campus to the Nguluway indigenous staff conference – thanks heaps to Catherine Maxwell for inviting us to speak and for allowing us to show off our favourite feathered family. Lots to cram in to a relatively short period of time but I’m sure most attendees will have a better understanding of these amazing birds and their relevance to the local biodiversity (let alone importance worldwide).

Also keep an eye out for news about next week’s all-morning BBQ breakfast courtesy of our colleagues at the Nature Conservation Trust, starring Beau, Swift and the three ever-growing truants! All-comers welcome to join us down at the NCT cottage opposite the main CSU gate. With some luck the fledglings won’t do what Solo did last year and take off for 5 days before returning! It’s the same day our friends at 30 Squadron Beaufighter Association are coming to see us too; a busy week ahead for all.

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