Someone will end up in tears

With Swift on the ledge the three ever-boisterous eyases have had their “mad minute” this afternoon, attempting high-speed sprints, aerial manoeuvres and the odd suicidal dive towards the ledge. At one point one of them would’ve gone straight out if it weren’t for Swift’s rapid intervention. It seems this is how the world average fledging remains at a low 1.5 count;  might be time for us to put out some catch nets!! The nest camera is no longer out of pecking range and a short time later it came under intense physical scrutiny but it held up well and won’t need readjustment this time. The smaller Byng seems to prefer to keep out of these moments, but even he has shown some zing at times too. The video clip of these three funny clowns can be viewed here … We’ll be watching these closely from now on, with backpack and towel ready

Thundery weather is on its way for Orange this afternoon …

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  1. Meci Daniela, I hope to be there live, in a first flight, otherwise there will be a video of the inside of the box and also from the outside …. they are very strong and seem ready to fly soon and you will begin monitoring work …. good luck with these adventurers
    bonne Journée!!

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