A little of the tower’s commanding view

Just trolling through some archival photos and discovered this photo. It gives you an idea of the usefulness of the water tower, aka Concrete Hilton, for this peregrines family.  It’s 50 metres up and on a hillock, totally secure from predators and vermin, sheltered from most of the elements and direct sun, a relatively even underfloor winter temperature due to the vast volume of water in storage, and as you can see it commands the ideal view over the hunting domain. This is looking south, with Orange city to the front and right hand side, CSU’s own farm in the foreground and to the extreme left is the Orange tip where ‘Dinner A La Starling’ inevitably comes from! Not the sort of window to be hanging out of to clean glass etc but perfect for this family of falcons to take up residence in.

[singlepic id=196 w=320 h=240 float=none]

One thought

  1. I love this view of Orange and the surrounding countryside. Gives us “foreigners” a bird’s eye view (pardon the pun) from the nestbox! LOL! Thanks Scott!

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