Close encounters of the bird kind

With time on their hands (feet?) and an ever-increasing physical capability Narrambla, Ophir and Byng tend to over-exaggerate and end up pulling some fancy dance and head moves in their spare moments. All three are healthy and well on their way towards fledging. Feedings have been very irregular over the past 2-3 days with generally a couple at sun-up and then the occasional bite during the day. As the weather becomes warmer it’s less likely that prey will be on the wing in the middle of the day.

Moments ago, in an apparent act of frustration, Swift, who had spent a time on top of the tower, chirped out some unusual notes and then turned around and flew off south-east in the direction of the nearby Orange tip where starlings thrive. Time will tell if she’s been successful.

This morning we were lucky enough to be perused back by a couple of the eyases, intrigued by the small, dark gaps around the nest camera (now without the perspex window to aid night time vision). Amusing 5-minute video clips of Byng, and then Byng and Ophir here, with Narrambla (the larger of the three) staring on with nonchalant curiosity.

Camera update – the initial testing with our first new HD camera is proving highly successful, giving fantastic image quality, audio and versatility. Our technical advisor, Basil at Lan1, and supplier, Shane at IP Video Solutions, can be thanked for their great support, long-term patience, and enthusiasm for this project. More pats on the back and endorsements for them both soon!…

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