And the names are …

Thanks to Heather Robinson, Head of Orange campus, for her wise decision-making – we now have names for these three youngsters:-

Narrambla – now a suburb of Orange but as importantly it is the name of the property just outside Orange where famous Australian bush poet, Andrew “Banjo” Paterson, was born in 1864.

Ophir – local regional name; site of the first payable gold strike in Australia in 1851, and only 40 minutes drive from Orange. Discovered by Edward Hargraves, John Lister and the Tom brothers, William and James. The gold town no longer exists.

Byng – local regional name; village near Orange settled by William Tom & family in 1830; a microcosm of European history in the Central Tablelands. Most probably will be given to the smaller of the three eyases (possibly a male).

Thanks very much to everyone who was able to add to the suggestions list. Next year we’ll open it up to all-comers!

2 thoughts

  1. All great names, if you ask me! Very thoughtfully chosen, to reflect the history of the Orange area. I will let the Winnipeg Kinderchicklets know tomorrow, when school resumes.

  2. I think the names are great too! It’s always nice when they have some meaning to the local area and/or people.

    Thank you for the updates and videos as well, the kids are growing up fast!

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