Ponderings with three eyases

It’s been a relatively normal past few days up the Concrete Hilton, with regular feedings, regular attacks on random feathers and wayward big feet, and a more than often absent Swift. She’s been seen enjoying her own “space” around on the microwave dish arm on the side of the tower, and often when she’s cutting up lunch the three chicks take their time before they’re even interested, indicating that food supply is ample at the moment, but also that sleep is favourable!

Waiting ...

Here are a couple of video clips taken over the last 2-3 days. Firstly it’s lunchtime, then we watch all three eyases busying thsemvels, and lastly a little post-lunch action. Although we don’t see too much of Beau for too often he’s not entirely off the hook either. Swift often calls for him from atop the tower until he brings food home but then Swift takes over and Beau will leave once more. The eyases are now 24 and 22 days old and are well on their way to the changes that happen as a teenager with feathers appearing everywhere at the moment. They’re standing around 220-240mm (9-10 inches), when they want to. They’ve taken to sleeping just below the nest camera and so quite often the better views are now via the ledge camera; don’t be alarmed if you can’t see any bodies in there!

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