Post-lunch hyperactivity

After a good feed the three eyases have had another of their high-speed hyperactive moments, with all three chicks showing renewed energy & gusto, making full use of their adequately proportioned facilities. No feather is safe, nor speck of unsoiled gravel left motionless. The moment lasted but 5 minutes but is indicative of what can happen when you feed red cordial to children; maybe fresh starling has a similar effect on peregrines? They’ve all gone to sleep under the nest camera again, but not before some amusing moments. The 4-minute video clip can be viewed here …

A couple of bonus video clips here from this afternoon – some close-quarter feeding (almost makes you want to join in, but commonsense, health & wellbeing elect otherwise) and a little youthful peregrine mob activity (we’ve been spotted!) …

One thought

  1. Bonjour,Scott thank you for the videos is wonderful to see the three young grow so fast …. and what a chance for you to be able to capture these images … because for me they are often out of camera, during my visits. .. They are adorable with their new feathers, and there is more activity in the nest with three young, I am always amazed to see the rapid changes of young falcons! bonne journée!

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