Three hungry mouths

With tummies growing and bodies increasing in strength the three eyases are now able to walk around on their feet and have made the most of the space provided with this larger box. Often there’ll be a single face on screen while the other two hide behind the camera window. Rest assured at feeding time all three appear and all are in fine health. At different times over the weekend and today Swift has spent longer away from home and indeed Beau has partaken of the odd feeding time himself but already he’s being dwarfed by his three charges, which opens up the betting lines that we may possibly have three female eyases this time? Time will tell, early days still. There’s also a little interest in the outside world now, with the odd curious face getting closer to the ledge.

A couple more video clips from today can now be viewed. Patiently waitingSwift and the kids, and the bone-carrier.

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  1. Hi Scott! I am having difficulty getting the live video stream at school for the “Kinderchicklets”over here in Winnipeg, Canada so, for the most part, we watch the videos that you post. This morning we watched several videos and the ”Kinderchicklets” really liked watching the chicks waddle around. They also enjoyed watching Swift feed her chicks in a previous day’s post. Because this is a new group of students, they do not yet know much about peregrine falcons. Initially, they thought that the chicks were eating worms. LOL! But I told them that they only eat birds, so, they want me to ask you what kinds of birds the chicks over in Australia like to eat.

    1. Hi Kathy, Hi Kinderchicklets!
      Great to hear from you, but sad you’re not getting the live video at school. Are you able to get it running at home at all? We’ll keep posting videos for now and are still working on upgrading the streaming system to something more stable and powerful. Incidentally the first new HD camera has arrived but it will take time to configure and test before we fit it (and not until the eyases have vacated the eyrie, for our own safety!).
      I hope you’re all enjoying the wobblie eyases. They’re becoming very playful and seem to enjoy taking their frustrations out on any loose feathers and sometimes on each other. They’re growing so fast and getting stronger every day. Swift has been up on the tower a lot calling for Beau and food as her eyases need more sustenance. Their main diet right now appears to be starlings, with maybe the odd blackbird, which will all be caught on the wing. The assumption is that the Orange rubbish tip is only about 1.5kms (1 mile) away to the south-east as the crow flies (pun!) and it’s a haven for starlings. Swift has been seen making a line straight for the tip when she flies off. We haven’t seen any pink galahs being eaten for a while but there are plenty around the region at the moment. Other types of birds are very much in the minority and sometimes hard to identify by the time their remnants make it up to the eyrie!
      Keep watching and hopefully the live streaming will be fixed soon, Hi to all the Kinderchicklets up in Winnipeg, from Orange! 🙂

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