Furry frolicking

Swift is gradually becoming happier taking longer breaks from the scrape and indeed she has taken a few trips out to obtain food of her own accord. Beau seems to be keeping up appearances early in the morning but can also be away for hours at a time during the day and the three furballs can become agitated. At this stage we can see that two of the eyases are noticeably larger than the third but all are getting to that stage where those disproportionately large feet are becoming a fascination (& quite hilarious to watch!). Indeed the larger of the three is exploring a short distance further each day. You’ll also notice the first wing feathers are beginning to appear and their awareness of their surroundings is improving daily too.

Furry frolicking starring the three eyases can be viewed here …

Foot in the face

3 thoughts

  1. Great video Scott, thank you! They are all growing well and look healthy. Love watching their antics as they discover they have feet and wings!

  2. Thank you Scott for the updates. This is my daily reading along with the morning coffee. Just love how you describe those eyases using “bobble-heads”, “furball”… Will the small one be ok?

    1. Hi Carly and Kim,
      Thanks for your comments. Good to hear we can be considered “daily reading” but hopefully we don’t taint the coffee taste too much (although some video clips are not for breakfast time!). The littlest bobble-head should be OK. At this stage we can assume it’s either the 3rd of the 3, which hatched 2 days later, or possibly the difference between male and female. At the moment “Little3” seems to be eating pretty well and has similar energy levels to “Little2”, whereas the largest of the 3 eyases is already prepared to waddle outwards to explore. It will be a fun period now watching them adapt to their huge feet. Thanks again!

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