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After an initial ‘step-grandparent-style’ scary moment this morning we went back over the archives and realised that there’s no need to panic by only seeing one or two eyases on screen, with either parent in attendance. It seems there may have been a domestic, or someone’s messed the scrape, because all three littlies went on big new adventures this morning and two seem to have decided to go rest at the other end of the eyrie, which of course would have to be the corner that we have no visual coverage. Three ample meals so far this morning so no-one’s going hungry, but Swift & Beau are in a quandary now as to which end of the box they go to and whether they need to mediate any disagreements, or bring a cleaning cloth in!

Beau looking perplexed

A 5-minute video clip of Swift and the kids going for a walk can be viewed here …  Apologies for the video quality; it’s a temporary fix for what will soon become HD picture when the new camera is fitted soon.

4 thoughts

  1. No need to apologize for the video quality at all, Scott. I appreciate very much that you post these little videos. I am often able to get the live webcam streaming at home, but unfortunately, am experiencing a lot of trouble accessing it at my school. So, for now, my “Kinderchicklets” usually watch the videos, which they really enjoy. So glad to hear that all 3 chicks are well and accounted for!

  2. I’m not sure that ‘walking’ is quite the right term for this, Scott, but I can’t think of an ornithologically correct term for staggering around like a drunken toddler!

  3. Hi Scott, I’m in Eastern Standard time zone therefore I only can view the web cam at night time. Is there a light in their box or the cam has night vision? I can see the eyeases pretty clear but I don’t see either Swift or Beau around to keep them warm. I saw chick pile perhaps they can be warmed that way?

  4. Hi Scott, These little ones are awesome, to say the least. I call them, “Winkin’, Blinkin’ and Nod”. It is truly awesome to be able to watch the whole process of the Raptors rearing their young. Keep up the excellent work…

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