Lunchtime for the three eyases

After a couple of feedings early on this morning it was a long break for Beau who seemed to have disappeared, but he came in with lunch and all the bobble-heads are happy again. They’re growing so quickly now and have just begun to venture away from the scrape, although they’re quick to return to each other. At just under 2 weeks old they’re developing fast and with good care from Beau and Swift we have lots of fun still in front of us.

Feeding time video can be viewed here … . Another from yesterday (audio) can be viewed here …

Swift returns with lunch

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  1. Bonjour, thank you for the videos, I appreciate one with the audio it’s nice to hear them cry for their food … they are well fed and growing rapidly …. What a beautiful family! Bonne journée!

    1. Bonjour Anne-Marie,
      Thanks for the kind comments. We’re finding improved ways to bring better quality video clips to you, and audio makes a big difference. When Swift will allow us we’re going to mount the audio module a lot closer on the outside of the roost. At the moment it’s hanging down quite a way from the box but we’ll attempt to get it up underneath so the chicks can be heard as well. Of course as the days go on their noise will grow too.

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