A little eyas interaction

A quieter day up the Concrete Hilton and in the media today, but there are always 8 & 10-day old eyases to watch. Swift spent more time today on the ledge taking a breather, in longer shifts. She’s struggling to get even one chick underneath her now, let alone all three, so protects them from any chilly breeze but otherwise just stays close by. Feedings were fewer today although by the size of their crops they’re not short on sustenance. Beau has taken to resting on top of the tower or around on the microwave dish arm after a successful ‘meals on wheels’ (wings?) trip before flying off to survey his domain again; we’re not sure yet if Swift realises he’s bludging just around the corner as he stays well out of sight!

2 thoughts

  1. Bonjour,indeed, the chicks grow quickly and appear healthy, I enjoyed the view from the outside in the interview, it allows us to visualize where to live Swift and Beautiful and is a great place for them…
    Merci et bonne journée

  2. I cannot believe how fast the chicks grow in such a short time, even though I have been watching peregrine falcons and their chicks for several years now. They sure are creating quite a display of “poop art” on the walls of their nest box, as we here in Winnipeg call it! LOL!

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