Day 2 for the first two chicks

Day two of the most important time of the year for the Project has started brightly with lots of hope and cheer. The first two chicks appear to be well but tiny, of course, and we observed a feeding last night at about 5pm by Swift. The fact that the third egg is still being actively incubated and hasn’t been discarded is giving lots of hope that we’ll see the third furry head soon. The gap between the layings of the 1st and 3rd eggs was 6 days so we were lucky to get 2 yesterday.

Website hits have skyrocketed so we apologise if you’re having trouble getting on, or the camera pages play up. They active streams are being monitored all day and we’re developing more stable versions to be implemented very shortly.

Brief footage here of Beau arriving to give Swift a short respite. Great vision of the little bobble-heads too! Another earlier clip (containing audio!) of Beau arriving for his first look at the new acquisitions has been loaded here …

The public screen in the Orange campus Learning Commons 24-hour area is running very well, with lots of interest shown. Purchase of the first new Hi-definition camera isn’t too far away. Continued work is being done with audio, and video clips containing such should be available very soon. There is an audio module plugged in to the ledge camera but is hanging too far below the box to obtain good sound. When Swift allows us to work up the tower we’ll quietly move the module underneath the box and undergo further testing.

Bonus video clip – Swift feeding her two day old chicks (5mins), with 1 egg left to hatch. YouTube is still having issues so with some luck the clips will still play OK.

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