unusual prey

Unusual feeding behaviour today; we found a painted button quail (Turnix varia) below the nest – not actual proof, of course, but it is unlikely to be anything else but peregrine prey that got dropped.  It’s puzzling as these quails are very hard to spot and I’ve very rarely seen them around here.

Still two chicks and one egg being incubated, as we speak.


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  1. Congratulations! I feel like we have become Grandparents!! I’ve been watching closely. Look forward to a visit in the next few weeks, hopefully.

    30 Squadron Beaufighter Association

  2. Bonjour, it’s always exciting to see these little white heads from under their mother,as it would be nice to hear them squeak…but I’m already very happy to see them live! bonne journée!

    1. Hi all,
      Just trolling through the overnight recordings at the moment. Definitely a new eggshell there but under cover of darkness and lots of white fur from the other two we haven’t found the third head yet. Will let you know ASAP…. must be in there somewhere!

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