Network servers down – apologies

Apologies to all our viewers who have been trying to get to the website over the last few hours. Our hosting provider was hit with an unfriendly & cowardly  “Denial Of Service” attack and they had to drop the servers until it was sorted. The good people at were on to it very quickly and did an awesome job sorting through the mess and have now returned our services to normal – thanks, Netregistry! 🙂

It actually gave me the opportunity to tweak our camera streaming servers and they should be a little more reliable now too, re-setting every hour so we don’t miss too many beats for our viewers. If your connection stops just refresh the web page to get it going again. For those of you living in Orange and are local to the Charles Sturt University campus we’re also about to install a public screen in the 24-hour Learning Commons area for your edification so you’ll be able to see everything going on 24 hours/day.

Not too much news to report from up the tower over the weekend, with both adults doing their incubation duties in a calm, relaxed fashion. There’s some rain due this week so there shouldn’t be too much movement, apart from feeding time.

Thanks again for your patience today …

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