40,000 hits and still going very strong …

Congratulations to the team and thanks heaps to all our regular and part-time visitors & supporters – we’ve just gone past another big milestone and we’re heading onwards and upwards. Our reward is seeing the levels of interest our peregrine falcon family have created, not only locally but right around the world. We’ll keep bringing news, photos & events to you, now complete with live camera feeds too. We’ve got this far on our own but now with CSU’s DIT people (not naming anyone … Conrad, Amber and Drakey!) we’re able to further the cause with real live action. Negotiations are also underway to introduce the first of our camera upgrades which should also include an audio feed. More good news on this topic soon.

In the meantime Beau and Swift toil away up the Concrete Hilton, unaware of the excitement they’re creating downstairs. According to past records we are crossing fingers in the hope of seeing new furry little heads some time over the first week in October.

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  1. 40,000 +!! Congrats on a lovely website – have passed, details of site on to a few friends, who also think it is great, cannot wait for the ‘hatching/s’. Regards to all concerned, keep up the good work!!

  2. 40,000 hits! Wow! Congratulations! And won’t it be great to have audio on your webcams one day! We just upgraded our camera equipment in Winnipeg, Canada and had audio on one of our cams this past season. It was fabulous to hear all of the sounds coming from the nestbox!

  3. Bonjour, They are beautiful, super parents, I hope that three chicks will be born this year …. for the happiness of parents and our pleasure ! and it’s nice to see them live, thank you again for your work, allowing us to share these beautiful moments!!!!

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