Chick-watch is about to begin

With Swift and Beau in to their 30th day sitting on their eggs, based on the first egg to appear, we’re coming in to that period of time where anything could happen. Full incubation can take between 29 and 32 days, so if we guess that the first few days for eggs #1 (29th Aug) and #2 (1st Sept) were slow, and that incubation began in earnest when #3 arrived (4th Sept) we’re coming in to the window around about now. Keep watching and cross fingers!

Swift adept at managing her eggs

Today was another minor milestone for FalconCam Project. We finally installed a public screen showing the live nest camera into the Orange campus Learning Commons area, so now Swift and Beau can be watched 24hrs/7 days (if anyone is keen enough to be around in the wee early hours!). We’re also recording big chunks of footage from before first light until we can get to the surveillance software in the work morning, so if anything happens (being peregrines it usually does, before sun-up!) we should have some footage. In saying this Solo last year hatched one mid-afternoon!

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