Snooze time in the eyrie

This morning we’ve come in to find a snoozy Swift, sitting in her scrape, eyes closed and looking quiet but sore.  There’s nothing found yet in recorded footage of eggs yet so we continue our vigil. Beau is the meal provider at the moment – he’ll fly in with food, pass it over (or have it grabbed from him!), Swift will head for the trees below to finish it off and then they swap around again.

Swift sitting it out

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  1. Can you please explain for this dummy here (ME) what you mean by Swift is queit but sore I don’t understand. Thank you very much.
    You’ll get to know I ask some strange questions and alot of them also.

    1. Hi kittenface!
      Swift is “with egg” at the moment and has slowed down a lot in the last fortnight, to a point where it appears Beau is catching all the meals, of which she’s quite happy to take from him and go eat by herself in the nearby trees. She must only be a few days away from dropping her eggs and is spending most of each day very close to the eyrie, snoozing and resting. As we speak she’s up on top of the tower, about 15 feet above the ledge, sunning herself in the wonderful winter afternoon sun we’re enjoying this week. We’re on daily egg-alert now!

  2. Thank you Scott I’m am getting very excited to see the nest again.
    I’d like to thank you and evryone else in advance for letting us share the nest again this year, all of us at Bird Cams Around the World are sitting on the edge of our chairs waiting for the good news .

  3. Bonjour, I hope the first egg will be soon, thank you for keeping abreast of changes in behavior of Swift….

    1. Hi ee_fudd,
      Thanks for visiting us! Keep in touch as “things” are getting interesting again at the moment. Swift is spending most of her day in the eyrie now. Seems a nervous wait for everyone involved at the moment!!

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