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  1. Bonjour , thank you for these great videos, it’s always exciting to follow the peregrine falcons in the preparation of the nest … and a big thank you to share with us pictures of Beau and Swift.

  2. Swift is clearly “with eggs” 😉 Thanks for the video’s, great to see her getting ready.
    A pair in Moffat Beach, Calloundra QLD, had the first egg on August 14 and the third one was laid today.
    The woman on who’s balcony they nest is posting pictures of the pair, taken from her kitchen window.
    If you like, I can email the www address.

  3. Thanks for the videos, Scott! Glad to see that Swift has a nice scrape and was settling into it. I’m sure it won’t be long now, till she begins to lay eggs. Do you have an approximate projected date?

    Also, any news yet as to whether or not you will have a live webcam this season?

    1. Hi all,
      and thanks for your continued interest and comments! To answer a few questions….. it’s hard to know when Swift will provide eggs for us, but it the bets are down it’s only a week or so away (could be wrong; been so before!). Beau is now bringing her most of her feeds and she is spending most of each day in the eyrie or on a tree down below. With this forthcoming predicted week of much better weather that may have an influence over her. Soon as we see results we’ll be sure to bring the news to you.

      The latest news I can tell you about streaming the cameras is that CSU is now kindly putting time in with us to gather together the most suitable technology and we’re currently running some tests to see if we get something out to the world earlier as a rough stop-gap. No timetable at all as it’s new technology for CSU to be dealing with but I can tell you that the cogs are finally in motion! Very exciting stuff…

      Ingrid, the URL for those Caloundra falcons would be great – thanks. It seems when nature calls it doesn’t matter how close to humans they get!


  4. Robyn Hills is posting pictures on her (second) Facebook page:
    I hope you can see the great photo’s
    Turns out Emily (that’s what Robyn has called the female, the male is named Frederick) laid a fourth egg!
    I thought others might like to see these pictures too, that’s why I post the link here.
    Am keeping talons crossed that we will be able to see Swift and Beau and their future eyases live on the web. Refresh images would be great, although live streaming would be fantastic of course. 😉

    1. Hi Ingrid,
      Thanks very much for the link to Robyn in Facebook. She’s lucky it’s all happening so close to her there. We’ll keep watching that too!


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