The 4th breeding season commences!

After checking on recordings and observations from the weekend it seemed we were still in the long wait, but Swift has been resting, eyes closed, on the scrape all morning. Within a brief lucky moment she got up to stretch, and we got the first video clip of the 4th observed breeding season’s first egg! You can watch the brief clip here …. (when she settles down again that’s about it; sorry I haven’t had time to edit out the quiet bit!)

Beau has spent the weekend bringing food in to Swift, like a good lad that he is, and has taken an interest in the gravel as well. That’s when Swift’s not there – when she’s back he doesn’t take long to get the message and depart! Another interesting exchange between both parties can be viewed here ….

Swift sitting on her first egg

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  1. Congratulations!! Best wishes sent for a successful 4th season. Thank you so much for the videos and updates. They are very much appreciated!

  2. Congratulations, Beau and Swift ….. a promising start to the season for all ….. Thanks for the monitoring and videos …. I hope there will be several eggs to come…

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