Swift settling in

With a few darker and wetter days due here it’s a good time for Swift to relax and let Beau do the serious hunting. Photos snapped this morning include a new panoramic experiment viewed here. We’re processing more video clips and they should be available shortly; nearly all involve both adults padding around in the scrape or swapping dinner on the ledge.

One thought

  1. Thanks for all the video and pictures. They clearly show that Swift is getting ready for the first egg.
    She is showing signs of egg-lethargy (spelling ? )
    Can’t be long now I think.
    The image quality is great, looking forward to the time of eggs and (even more so) eyases.

    Any word on if and when live web cam images will be put on the WWW ?
    (We need our falcon fix you know, to ease the empty-nest syndrome LOL )

    Have a good day y’all, Ingrid

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