New vision from the eyrie

Our 4th observable breeding season is due to begin and there are good signs that the “house is in order”. Both Beau and Swift have been availing of the eyrie and seem to be quite happy pairing up once more. New video clips have been uploaded showing activities in the eyrie over the last 2-3 days and it’s all very promising. A packhorse climb was made yesterday to deliver and install 2 bags of new gravel (thanks to Mid Western Mini Mix!), slightly larger than we normally use but it should be ideal for the peregrine’s purposes and both birds have been happy to try it out, none-the-wiser.

The three videos of Beau and Swift in the eyrie can be viewed here – first clip, second clip, third clip

FYI – our FalconCam Project video clip collection can be found on by searching on “peregrine falcon Orange”.

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    1. Hi Mick,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We’re looking forward to another fun and interesting breeding season up the tower. As soon as we see that first egg the timetable begins! Certainly the adults are showing every sign at the moment. Stepping up to another level again from now on… cheers!

  1. Bonjour, Thank you for our new videos, peregrine falcons in Montreal(Qu├ębec) , having left the nest, I am pleased to follow Beau and Swift in their new season which I hope will be promising. bye Anne-Marie

  2. Thanks for posting your recent video links of Beau & Swift in the eyrie, Scott. Now that all of our juvies up here in Manitoba, Canada have fledged, we are looking forward to watching your peregrine falcons once again. I have posted the links to your recent videos on our Forum. And of course, we are watching and waiting for, hopefully, a live streaming webcam this season in Orange, NSW!

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