More courting

More reports over the last couple of days from various quarters witnessing some pairing-up in the skies above us, on the tower and around in the trees. There is plenty of calling for each other & lots of flying displays to keep viewers’ eyes peeled.

We’ve secured a bag of large pea gravel, courtesy of the good folks at Mid Western Mini Mix in Orange (great blokes, thanks so much for your support!) and will also use some of the finer quantity grade located by our aforementioned campus staff. Now to ‘packhorse’ it up to the top in backpacks! Just in time, it seems ….

2 thoughts

  1. So great to hear that Beau & Swift are gearing up for a new season, with their apparent “pair bonding” activities! :>)

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Good successes up north with you in this past season, and great coverage up there too – thanks very much for the links and interesting forums. Our adults are in their “final approach”, it seems, and we’re looking forward to the next few weeks’ events. The new video clips show both birds staying close by and attentive of each other. Between you and me (!) I can tell you we’re also finally making good progress with discussions about getting our cameras out to the world live. Stay tuned…

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