Time at home

Things are looking promising for the commencement of a breeding timetable very shortly here. Swift is now spending most of her days either up on top of the tower in the sun or establishing her scrape in the eyrie itself.  She’s showing signs of being “with egg” so we’ll be monitoring her more closely over the next few days to ensure all is set to go. The scrape is a good deep spot and after playing with some of her new and slightly larger graded gravel she seems happy with what she has in place now.

Swift, an expectant mother

The ledge camera has been angled further down (the auto white balance is now making the outside world look like a spotlight!) but we’ll tinker with this to tilt it further if necessary. We’re also looking at removing the perspex window from in front of the nest camera as this is reflecting all the IR lights backwards, instead of providing quality night time images. With a little luck this won’t worry either adult too much.

2 thoughts

  1. Hello Scott and all,

    We are eagerly awaiting the start of the PeFa breeding season in Australia.
    (Empty nests syndrome you know, we need a fix 😀 )

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you can bring the live images online, even a 1 minute refresh would be welcomed by us addicts 😉

  2. LOL, Dutch Eagle Fan! Yes, indeed, we here in Winnipeg, Canada are also experiencing the “empty nest syndrome” so are also hoping for a live webcam in Orange, NSW.

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