Creatures of habit

Another few days have gone past and routine is normal for the resident peregrine family. We’ve seen the odd moments with Beau and Swift (individually) on the ledge for a break, and most days Solo arrives to a fanfare of calling, but she seems far less inclined to enjoy her parent’s spot and spends most of her time out on the microwave dish or the supporting arm, parents in residence or not.

We’re hoping she’ll put in a rowdy appearance next Monday during the campus students’ Orientation Week “Market Day” (note to self: remember to bring binoculars!). Preparation is going well for advertising posters, banners, attire etc and a few last minute touches to DVD & video loops should have the table looking quite professional (and hopefully worthy of donations!). We’ve also expressed interest in appearing at another two local events coming up soon. Stay tuned …

Initial tests with our new full-licence software package (thanks Basil and Shane!) have proven promising and we’ll bring some results to you shortly. We’re limited by our old camera’s quality at the moment but we can see what we’re trying to do anyway!

One thought

  1. Looking forward to the results! All the best during “Market Day’. DON’T forget the bins Scott.

    As always, grateful for good news of Solo!!

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