Market Day at Orange campus a success

The first outing for FalconCam Project’s media train left the station today and seemed to turn out pretty well. On a sunny day the shade of a covered walkway was welcome but made photos too contrasty. Good interest was shown and we were graced with Swift’s presence on the ledge for the afternoon. Both the live camera (only currently available inside the University network, but fundraising will soon change that!) and our DVD with extra clips were shown on 2 monitors, as well as a display of our better photos and artwork, and our new 6 foot high banner worked very well. Solo failed to materialise for a change; we would’ve known if she was on her way, but at least we have some good pics of her to show campus students, staff and visitors.

Our next outing will be this Sunday at the Experience Orange! Expo, the venue being the PCYC¬† in Seymour Street, Orange (i.e. the new stadium). We will be sharing a stand with our friends at the Nature Conservation Trust, so if you’re in the area…

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  1. So glad to hear that Market Day was a success. And it sounds as if you had great weather! Wish I could have been there. Too bad Solo didn’t put in an appearance!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Sorry it’s been so quiet – we’re reflecting the activity up the tower at the moment. Very few visits from any of the peregrines, which probably means they’re all out hunting and living.
      Market Day was pretty good and we got our display config sorted pretty well in time for this Sunday’s more public Expo in town. Definitely good weather finally, after a very average and very wet summer thus far. It must be a contributing factor to the Feathered Ones all making the most of the conditions on the wing.

      Your local birds must be back soon? I confess to not having followed the links up again for a while now; oops….


  2. Yes, Scott, we are expecting our peregrines here in Winnipeg, Canada to begin arriving back near the end of March, for the new season. Won’t be long now. Will keep you posted!

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