Solo’s arrival

It’s business as usual for the local peregrine clan. Things seem to be in a good routine at the moment, with one or other of the parents flying on to the ledge with breakfast each day between sun-up and 11-ish, and then Solo makes her usual grand entrance not long afterward. She’s a vocal bird and must be so disappointed when she finally alights the tower or microwave dish, but her parents nowhere to be seen (or heard). It won’t be many more weeks now before Solo will head off on her own so we’re making the most of any sightings. With some luck she’ll make an appearance during O-Week on campus shortly.

Who's watching me eat breakfast?...

It seems there’s interest in the camera windows. We can but presume that with a very dark background behind the cameras it’s the reflection that has the peregrines intrigued. This was Beau enjoying a quiet meal just now, albeitĀ  wary that Solo is around somewhere and is liable to steal it from him. Breakfast was almost the same size as him (probably a pigeon this time) and he ended up dragging it out into the trees before returning for a break.

One thought

  1. Great to hear that Solo is still around! Will be sad when she leaves, even if she is half way around the world from us!

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