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It’s been a couple of days of general comings and goings for Swift, Beau and Solo. We caught some grainy footage the other day of Solo on the ledge briefly – a location she doesn’t use much anymore. If the conclusions are accurate it appears she has some form of use back in her damaged left leg. She seems to be favouring it but can also use it to balance herself pretty well (video going up soon of Solo on the ledge before tripping her way off!).

Swift has taken to the ledge on some of the hotter days lately (mid-30degC – 90’s in F – all this last week) and can spend 1-2 hours up there surveying the lands. We always know when Solo is back – she can be heard far away calling on her way in, in the hope that her parents are around (generally without much luck!).

In 2 weeks time the students are back on campus for the year with a vengeance and their Orientation Week will see this place buzzing – a new excitement for Solo from way above. Cilla and I will be running a display table with banners, information, a small amount of merchandise, the DVD presentation and hopefully a live feed from the cameras. All in the name of fundraising! It should be fun and has established FalconCam Project as an integral part of the Orange campus nowadays – thanks muchly to Nik and Terri for allowing us to join in! Hopefully Market Day photos to come in two weeks!…

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  1. Thank you for the update, whew..was a bit worried at not hearing anything for awhile! Very encouraging to hear about Solo’s leg! I’m really happy to know she’s still with her parents, hopefully they’ll keep looking after her until her she has more mobility with that leg!

    Please take care down there everyone, we’re all thinking about Australia tonight with news of the cyclone.

  2. So great to have some news again, of your trio, Scott! And very glad to hear that you think that Solo’s leg injury may be healing itself, to some degree!

    Sure wish I were able to drop by your table display on campus in a few weeks. What type of merchandise will you be selling? For now, here in Winnipeg, our Recovery Project sells a variety of T-shirts, calendars and a few bird books.

  3. Bonjour ça fait plaisir d’avoir des nouvelles encourageantes de Solo et de savoir qu’elle se débrouille bien malgré sa patte blessée.J’espère que votre promotion aura de bons résultats pour poursuivre ce projet avec les faucons.Merci pour les nouvelles, un bonjour du Québec Anne-Marie

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