No flooding yet in Orange

With major flooding happening up in Queensland, over a total area apparently larger than Texas being underwater and some experiencing an “inland tsunami” in places (QLD authorities), we’re sitting quietly down here watching those same rain clouds slowly spread south towards us. Our thoughts and support go out to our friends up north – it’s a long road ahead for repairs and for life to get anywhere back to normal. And with bushfires on the other side of the country we can only hope everyone gets through unscathed. Stay safe, everyone …

In the meantime Solo and her parents¬† continue to occasionally amuse us with their presence. Swift has taken a liking to the ledge and spends hours there at a time surveying her lands while Beau is out doing what male peregrines do best. We know when he returns as Solo becomes vocal and does circuits over the trees in excitement before returning to her spot on the microwave dish! Yesterday we were treated to another low-altitude aerial soaring display by dad and daughter chasing each other in ever-growing circles atop the trees using the strong winds to steady, while mum quietly observed from her ledge. … (as I write Solo has just done another circuit over campus nagging away in excitement – must be breakfast time!)

Initial “demo” tests of the new monitoring and recording software package are underway with pretty good results (just need a driver’s licence to operate it!) prior to the purchase of the full product shortly. This should allow us 24/7 monitoring, with archived footage being stored from the camera/s for later editing. February¬† should be a big fund-raising month for us (on top of existing funding and everyone’s very kind donations) with the students back on campus and a couple of official events which we’ll be involved in. We’re getting much closer now!

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  1. Great update thank you! I was a bit worried after not hearing anything but am relieved to hear our Solo is doing so well and still hanging out with mum and dad!

    I’m also relieved that you are all safe from the flooding and fires although I expect that is bittersweet when people around are going through such challenging times. Here’s hoping everyone stays safe and that better times are ahead for everyone!

    Stay safe!

  2. So glad to hear that the flooding has not hit Orange, but on the other hand, awful to see the flooding in the Brisbane area and to hear about the bush fires elsewhere in your country, on our CBC National News here in Canada.

    Nice that you still are being treated to aerial displays by Solo and Beau. And very nice to hear that Swift is spending alot of time on the nestbox ledge!

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