Trial recording software clips

We’re not long away now from purchasing our new monitoring and recording software package, but in the meantime we’ve been testing our capabilities on a demo version of the package, using our existing old cameras. Typically now that we are running tests there has been little activity on the ledge but we managed to snap these clips for everyone to see. We’re looking forward to improving the quality shortly.

Firstly we have Swift on a whistlestop visit, followed by Beau yesterday morning, seemingly in a hurry to be somewhere else, and this morning we caught Swift on another of her stop-overs. Generally speaking Swift can spend hours up on the ledge, but with this hotter summer weather we’re now slowly moving in to finally there’s little happening during the day, and with the sun behind the Concrete Hilton it’s probably a cool place to be during the day’s heat.

Solo turns up briefly most days but seems to be occupying herself more elsewhere. Every so often we can hear her coming and with a few excited loops of the tower and trees she’s off again.

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  1. Thanks so much for the video as it was a joy to see Swift and Beau again. Best of all, the news of Solo. I feel much gratitude that she has stayed strong and was able to adapt to life with one leg. That she still has her spirited attitude gives one much hope.
    I send my best thoughts for those that are suffering from the floods over your land.

  2. Hello and great to hear from you all again! Very happy to hear and see that the family is doing well and like Mick said…the best of news about Solo 🙂

  3. Yes, as Mick and Carly have said, great to see and hear of Swift & Beau again! Was wondering, though, do you know how Solo’s leg/foot is doing? Is it still just dangling or does she look to have recovered from her injury?

    1. Hi all, good to hear from you,

      sorry it’s been a little quiet lately; it looks like all three birds are enjoying the improving weather and are venturing further from home now. The last we saw of an aerial Solo it appeared her leg isn’t dangling anywhere near as badly as it was after she first injured it. A couple of static angles have shown it’s still not of much use to her but possibly stronger, less-damaged leg muscles are beginning to take over? We’ll keep an eye out for any movement from her and get in to the trees to check. Hopefully back soon with some more information in the next few days (if she decides to present herself again!).

      Incidentally the big clean-up up in Queensland has begun, with amazing turn-outs from hordes of volunteers and main city Brisbane is running again, albeit in piecemeal fashion. Now the floods have bypassed New South Wales and appeared down south in Victoria where all sorts of small towns are evacuating. Not the typical Australian summer at all!

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